about us post

The grocery trade is essential to the food business and there will always be a demand for it, though a lot is being done to maximize food production by improving agricultural productivity and increase farmland. Seychelles have always been heavily reliant on imports and STC being the leading trading company in the country, plays a key role in its contribution to maintain food security for its population.

Since its creation in 2008, STC ensures the supplies of food requirements and a diverse range of goods, guaranteeing year round availability of most goods on the local market. Whilst food security remains top priority for STC, the company has to also ensure the line of basic commodities (category 1 products) and maintain buffer stocks for such goods. Trading in certain branded consumer products from reputable international sources, STC has recently explore/venture into new product ranges namely healthy foods and a wider range of non food items for the supermarkets as well as the Gift Shop. Working closely with top quality business owners and buyers from different countries around the globe, STC strives to bring in quality and variety of goods at affordable prices to its customers whilst reaching out to every house hold.

STC is continually expanding its supplier base looking for potential suppliers to achieve a diverse range of goods, increase its operating capacity and product range, and engage in more diverse trading operations to ensure continuous business growth