STC brings good news for cleft palate children

img_63570081Special needs parenting is a rewarding job as well as a challenging lifestyle for many of our parents who tend to the day-to-day care of children with special needs and abnormalities.

Caring for a baby who cannot feed well can be quite exhausting for the parents and often not a pleasant experience especially for babies with cleft palate and lips abnormalities.

Babies with cleft lip and palate usually have difficulty feeding because they cannot suck properly from the breast or a normal teat/nipple. There are many ways these babies can be helped to feed amongst which the need for specially designed teats/nipples to facilitate the nourishment process hence successful feeding.

The Seychelles Trading Company (STC) in partnership with Benham International (Pvt) Ltd, a company based in Sri Lanka, is planning to make available the specially designed cleft lip and palate products at its soon- to- be opened supermarket at the Bois De Rose Building.

Samples of specialty P-Type nipples/teats and feeders as well as product brochures respectively were presented to the Ministry of Health in a short ceremony held on Monday 13th July 2015 at The Seychelles Hospital. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister for Health, Mrs. Mitcy Larue, the Principal Secretary for Health, Mrs. Peggy Vidot, the CEO for Health Care Agency, Dr. Suresh Menon, and other health care professionals from the ministry as well as STC representatives.

img_63340058The samples were presented by Ms. Camilla Faure, Product Executive from STC who is working in close collaboration with Benham International (Pvt) Ltd to import the ‘PIGEON’ brand products. To note that other variety of ’PIGEON’ baby products and accessories such as liquid soap, wipes, breast pump and breast milk storage containers are already available at all the STC supermarkets.

The Director for the Seychelles Hospital, Dr. Loren Reginald accepted the sample donations on behalf of the Ministry. He thanked STC for this initiative and said that they are very happy that STC is once more extending its support towards the Ministry of Health on such projects that will surely help to make a difference in the lives of the parents as well as the children born with cleft palate and lips abnormalities.

STC is expected to receive feedbacks from the parents so that the company can bring in more of such products to cater for the various cleft palate conditions.