STC new construction retail outlet on La Digue

La Digue community has once more witnessed another historic event of a new retail store for customers from the inner island group.

With the opening of the first mini market on La Digue in February 2014, and the opening of a new and bigger supermarket at Gregoire’s complex at Anse Reunion during same year, The Seychelles Trading Company (STC) has successfully delivered another of its promise to its customers and that was to make available building supplies on La Digue.

STC Building Materials’ situated at La Passe, La Digue, (adjacent to STC wholesale) is the name of the new facility which opened its doors on Thursday 19th November 2015 to welcome its first guests and its very first customers for purchase of constructions goods that are now available on the island.

MNA Mrs, Chantal Ghislain and the CEO for STC cutting the ribbon to officiallty open the new facility on La DigueThe new construction outlet was officially opened by the CEO of STC Ms. Veronique Laporte and the Member of the National Assembly for La Digue, Mrs. Chantal Ghislain in the presence of STC board member, Mr. Ronny Brutus, building contractors and residents from Praslin and La Digue, STC distributors on La Digue as well as staff and management of STC.

The medium sized showroom displays a variety of construction goods such as steel, welded mesh, Masonite hard board, corrugated iron sheets, timber, plywood and a selection of gardening tools, tiles, kitchen accessories and sanitary wares.

One of the Contractors viewing the items at teh retail storeMost of the items will be available directly for sale whereas some of the showcased items will be transferred to La Digue upon orders and 50% advanced cash payments from customers to confirm their orders respectively. The prices of the construction goods will be similar with that of STC’s main hardware depot on Mahe reflecting an added fee for transportation of the goods from Mahe to La Digue. Boat transfers are expected three times a week depending on the ordering manner of bulk materials from customers.

Whilst addressing the audience, the CEO for STC Ms. Veronique Laporte thanked everyone who had given their support to the realization of the project and extended an invitation to inner island contractors, partners and suppliers to continue to work with STC and to provide feedback for the importation of even wider range of construction goods at affordable pricing, for the Seychellois people.

The General Manager for Inner Island at STC, Mr. Davin Balthilde also expressed words of gratitude on behalf of the La Digue community for this new facility which will be of great use for small and big building projects alike for both the Praslin and La Digue community.

The blessing of the new building was done by Father Simon Fred from the Anglican Church on Praslin who blessed both the façade and the interior of the building.

The Impetus for this new retailing outlet has come from the demand of STC customers residing on the two nearby islands, Praslin and La Digue.