Business Operations

Supported by several years of experience and a strong network of professionals, STC offers its customers a comprehensive product range from various kinds of meat, fruits and vegetables, dry goods and non-food items. We negotiate rates to maintain high competitiveness and regularly import new products on the local market.

STC imports department is always looking for new and innovative food and non-food products such as specialty food, health and well-being, home wares, kitchen wares, toys but also for suppliers who can supply good quality basic commodities (sunflower oil, powder milk, onions, potatoes, red lentils, flour, sugar, rice, margarine, salt) at a reasonable cost.

STC is looking for potential suppliers or producers from all over the world, who are willing to build mutually beneficial partnership with us. We are importing from different countries around the globe, including Africa, Europe, USA, China and other Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and UAE. We are diversifying the suppliers with the aim of obtaining a diverse quality of goods at affordable prices and ensuring the availability of most goods at all time.

To achieve theses aims, we often go directly to the source, visiting factories and meeting with suppliers. Several weeks per year, the imports department staff and the CEO are devoting time to attend fairs and exhibitions around the world to ensure STC remains at the cutting edge and are able to source new products and negotiate prices.

The imports department is composed of purchasing officers, buyers and product managers who are specialized in each sector (perishable and dry goods). This leads to more accurate sourcing in terms of cost and quality.

STC commenced its warehousing operations in the early 1900’s and warehousing continues to be one of its core services.

Its operations consist of multiple facilities and locations each strategically convenient with easy access and collection points.

The largest and main STC warehouse in Victoria, experienced with handling high value and high volume commodities, offers services such as receiving and storage, pool distribution and daily deliveries of a variety of products to wholesale customers.

Our clients are ranged from large national merchants to small enterprises launching a business. We also cater for local institutions that are just as important to us, and receive the same excellent service provided to the larger clienteles.

The Seychelles Duty Free warehouse is a multi temperature bonded warehouse consisting of other features essential for cold and dry warehouse operations.

With a multitude of products, the STC Bonded warehouse has become one of the most respected providers in this particular domain.

STC warehouse facilities are available on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and cater for the demand that is placed for different category of products all throughout the year.

STC plays a major role in the distribution of fast consumer goods on the local market. Distribution is done primarily through the wholesale and retail outlets. The STC wholesale outlets comprise of the Dry Goods, Meat and Fruits & Vegetables section.

STC also operates four supermarkets which are located on the three main islands of Seychelles which includes one on Praslin, two on Mahe and one on La Digue. Retailers and other businessmen who wish to purchase goods at STC wholesale outlets can do so and this helps to increase the reach of goods imported by STC to its loyal customers.

Added to that the distribution network is further strengthened by a total of 6 distributors who have chosen to engage in a mutual agreement with STC to distribute STC’s products through their retail outlets, which is located on Mahe.

In addition STC provides services such as designated telesales representative for its clients, door to door delivery of goods as well as after sales services to its wholesale customers.

The STC Home wares & Building Materials Depot is a home improvement retail outlet, located in the vicinity of Victoria, making available to customers on the local market, quality building supplies for housing and construction projects.

Our full sized showroom displays a wide array of products and specialty home wares that can be purchased at competitive pricing.

The construction outlet offers the public the opportunity to purchase premium building materials, and that includes materials namely timber, tools, tile, sanitary wares, steels ,electrical fittings, boards ,roofing sheets, paint; products that ultimately benefit you, our customer, with more choices from our complete selection of offerings.

The STC Home wares & Building Materials Depot is committed to offering the highest quality of building materials at reasonable prices to consumers and building professionals.

We are open six days a week!

Our friendly, helpful staff are here to assist you no matter what your requirements are. Visit our show room at Bois De Rose Avenue or view our full range of products here.

At STC, we help you build your dreams!

In addition to well established supermarkets and other business operations on all three main islands in Seychelles, STC also plays a major role in the local manufacturing sector; creating a business environment conducive to value added services.

STC provide appropriately located areas for a range of light manufacturing activities such as the production of tea and bread as well as processed paper (kitchen towel and toilet paper).

STC Tea Unit grows, harvests, blends and processes in its state-of-the-art factory which still proudly uses traditional and orthodox methods, fascinating process which attracts daily visitors to the factory.

The Seychelles unique tea selections, under its well known brand name: ‘Seyte’, is highly reputed amongst local consumers as well as foreigners.

A wonderful selection of the finest and quality tea (delicious fragrant flavors such as Island Tea, Vanilla Tea, Citronelle Tea, Strawberry, mint and others) is available in attractive packs and selection boxes at STC supermarkets and Whole sale Points on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, as well as our Duty free outlet, at the Departure Lounge.

Being the sole and leading manufacturer for toilet paper and multipurpose towels in Seychelles, STC Bois De Rose Factory combines quality and value to offer the best and high quality products, meeting the increased demand for this selective range.

The company opened its 1012 square meter facility at Bois De Rose in 2001 and ever since has continued to explore options for processed paper products ,featuring the well established popular local brand, ‘ORCHID’. These essential home products are available retail as well as wholesale for mass distribution across the country, serving STC’s loyal customer base.

STC makes available fresh bread and various assortments of cakes and pastries, all freshly produced and packed by STC Bakery, to meet the high demand of its customers whom remain loyal to STC.

Whilst the retail bakery is located on site in the main supermarket; ideal location attracting prospective walk in customers, the Wholesale Bakery, situated at The Bois De Rose Factory, provides for the mass population in the various districts, of which delivery service is also available, around the town area.

Both bakeries make available the STC bread daily and year round.

The Seychelles Trading Company (STC) is the country’s largest wholesale supplier engaged mainly in the sale of groceries, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables and meat for the retail industry.

The company operates and maintains its warehouse facilities adequate to care for dry provisions as well as for open stocks of all basic items.

While most consumers will be more familiar with STC Supermarket, the retail arm of the business, a lot of private sector buy whole sale from STC and continues to benefit from STC’s bulk buying power.

Working very closely with local farmers and growers in bringing the freshest seasonal quality produce, STC offers to consumers’ exotic and tropical range of the finest fruit and vegetables in the trade.

STC Whole sale Meat Unit is the wholesale market involved in the distribution and wholesaling of a selection of meat cuts from the specialist countries.

STC Wholesale services are available on the three main islands; Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

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