STC Bakery Unit – STC Bread & Pastries

STC Bakery Unit – STC Bread & Pastries

All freshly baked

STC makes available fresh bread and various assortments of cakes and pastries, all freshly produced and packed by STC Bakery, to meet the high demand of its customers whom remain loyal to STC.

Whilst the retail bakery is located on site in the main supermarket; ideal location attracting prospective walk in customers, the Wholesale Bakery, situated at The Bois De Rose Factory, provides STC bread to the largest group of retailers based on the main island, Mahe.

Some small quantities are also sent to Praslin and La Digue, two nearby islands off the main island Mahe.

Both bakery operations permit purchases of bread daily and year round, whilst noting that whole sale bakery provides for the mass population in the various districts, of which delivery service is also available, around the town area.

STC’s locally manufactured essential home products and STC bread are available wholesale for mass distribution across the country, serving STC’s loyal customer base.

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