‘ORCHID’ – Processed Paper Production

STC plays a major role in the local manufacturing sector

In addition to well established supermarkets and other business operations on all three main islands in Seychelles, STC also plays a major role in the local manufacturing sector; creating a business environment conducive to value added services.

STC provide appropriately located areas for a range of light manufacturing activities such as the production of tea and bread as well as processed paper (kitchen towel and toilet paper).

The company opened its 1012 square meter facility at Bois De Rose in 2001 and ever since has continued to explore options for processed paper products ,featuring the well established popular local brand, ‘ORCHID’.

The Management has implemented complete quality control procedures to conduct its year round operations so as to safeguard production output for such consumable products.

Being the sole and leading manufacturer for toilet paper and multipurpose towels in Seychelles, STC Bois De Rose Factory combines quality and value to offer the best and high quality products, meeting the increased demand for this selective range

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