Amongst the numerous Government measures and support in place to help alleviate the cost of living that is affecting many families, the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) initiative has been introduced to help curtail the impacts especially for vulnerable groups in the country.

The Seychelles Trading Company (STC) acts as the power-driven vessel with its main role to lead in setting the prices for basic commodities required for every Seychellois household.

This is with the ultimate goal to educate and sensitize the population on STC’s line of basic commodities and their prices respectively.

Access and affordability of these products remained a consistent message throughout for customers to truly benefit of the best possible STC prices.

Now with the introduction of the new MRP initiative by the Government, STC acts as the motor that will continue to lead/guide this campaign outreach all to the benefit of the Seychellois people.

STC has given its firm commitment, jointly with key partners such as Fair-Trading Commission and the Retailers Association of Seychelles so as to further establish a favorable trading environment for both the retailers and customers.

The fixed STC prices its basic products will now ensure through the regulatory body FTC, that all prices are maintained at the same prices in all the local shops on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue to ensure the effective implementation of the MRP: the ultimate step in the right direction towards lowering the overall cost of living in Seychelles.

MRP – A solemn outreach touching every lives of our people.

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