Benefitting all the people of Seychelles!

‘Avek STC ou benefisye’ is the name of STC’s latest campaign which no doubt resounded its way through every home across the country.

The successfully driven Recommended Retail Price (RRP) campaign has prompted the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) to pitch in its new campaign idea targeted anew towards the whole population of Seychelles.

Now on offer, is an enticing variety of more than 60 household commodities which are now being sold at a reduced rate; giving the Seychellois people up to 5% discount on these essential goods for their homes.

In addition to the current selection of category 1 products such as rice, sugar, oil which are consumed by all family members on a daily basis, new range and new brands of other categories (semi essential) of products are continuously being introduced.

This provides ultimate choice of shopping for different categories of shoppers and for all Seychellois consumers’ budget; in a time when responsible spending is being nationally encouraged.

And the response from the people has been more heartening knowing that they can access greater varieties of household commodities such as laundry and cleaning detergents, body care and baby products; all at unbeatable prices!

These effective approaches present a huge opportunity for both STC and the retailers in the districts to reach more consumers and achieving/ensuring delivery of STC products closer to all doorsteps.

STC has pledged its support to the Government to continue to look at ways which it can help alleviate the overall cost of living in Seychelles.

STC- offering you the perfect range and greater value for money!

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