The vision of STC is to be a reliable and successful trading company that exceeds the expectations of its esteemed customers. The company remains consistent in providing quality goods and services within the reach of every household in Seychelles. More importantly, it also ensures the continuous availability of quality basic essential goods at reasonable prices.

STC retains a significant focus on the importation of STC’s category 1 products ensuring that same are available every single day for every consumer across the country including the inner island group. It does so by sourcing out quality goods at the most affordable prices and at the same time ensuring year-round buffer stocks.

Despite the various challenges faced, earlier this year March 2021, STC took a further step forward by introducing its RRP Campaign.; an initiative that intends primarily to educate the population on STC’s basic commodities. It is the ultimate step in the right direction towards lowering the overall cost of living in Seychelles.

STC works jointly with key partners in the implementation of the RRP campaign; Retailers Association of Seychelles being one of them playing a vital role giving their full-fledged support for this campaign to ensure the reach of these products in all the districts.

The RRP initiative aims to establish a favorable trading environment for both the retailers and customers.

All in all, it shows STC’s sincere commitment to provide affordable pricing and bring down overall cost of living.

STC RRP- Safeguarding consumer’s interest at heart!

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